About Me

Hi, I Am Digital Amit

Before you read my story, I want to tell you that you have to see dreams before it come true. Massive Targets and right strategy will give you great results.I was born in a small village which is located is Jind, Haryana. Rani Talab is main destination place to visit here. Since my childhood, I had a huge interest in sports, especially in Cricket. My running was also good.I still find time to follow this passion of mine whenever I get an opportunity.

“Early School”
It was my wonderful journey and also little bit hard but enjoyable. I can’t forget those golden days of my life. I was having a best teachers in my school so not going a extra tution in my whole school life. I was getting 100/100 in Maths exam in 10th standard with habits of regular practice of calculations right too, also 90+ in some others subjects. I was getting 2nd topper in class in 12th(commerce) standard also, playing regular from school cricket team was fantastic.

Digital Amit Khatkar

“In the world of Internet Customer Service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.”

"Early College"

I went to pursue my graduation in the field of BBA 75 kilometres away from my home and from here I started my hostel journey also. Something that I choose not because of others but it was my own choices. I want to tell you one thing here, your friends circle matters a lot than other things. First year goes with little hostel enjoyed & studies. And I take a goal of MBA also from here. It's second year when I meet some new friends also and I came in marketing field from here. It was a tournining point of my life. After that meets with lots of people's, start understanding the people's lifestyle, mindset also. Doing lots of trips, meeting from here. From here I know the meaning of ENTREPRENEURSHIP. College 3rd year was fantastic, learn lot of new things like management & marketing and earn some real guys also. THE BEST ONES ARE ALWAYS FOUND IN THE ABSENCE OF BEST ONES ONLY (parents)(concise description).

"MBA Dreams Come true"

Do what you think is right. Don’t let people make the decision of right or wrong for you. I came in Delhi in 2016 and after that I started MBA and starting learning lot of new things also from markets. It was my Targets from here I want to explore more about business & entrepreneurship. With the passage of time I completed MBA in Marketing & Management in 2019. Coming here I explored the more things abouts entrepreneurship & business also. "The first touch with Online World" I have done MBA in marketing, now I decided to more explore in marketing field also.I'm looking for Understanding the difference about traditional marketing & online marketing. I started spending late nights studying about this online world. After 3-4 months I have decided to go in Online world. I picked up my first client project which was in the eCom niche. Start doing SEO & Social Media Campaign from here. Starting doing more companies projects and focus also on learning the new things. So I had to create my own path. Now our goal is to help the lot of business owner & entrepreneurs to grow there business & reach there Targets. If you are somebody who wants to take the next leap into your life, I will be more than happy to help you.

"Final Words"

I am happy that you took action to come to my website & read my story till the end. It means you are an action taker in life. Always keeps your goals high & work hard for these. Some people ask me how I live motivated all the time. I answered I have clear targets for next year also and I don't have other options. Believe in Yourself. Keep doing right things. Learn - live - Share the things Helping the poor people's near you.